Man Vandalizes Car Over ‘Hate Symbol’ – Wait Until You See What It is

Trump bumper sticker

An Army veteran parked his car in a store parking lot and returned to find a left-wing lunatic slashing the tires and pouring yogurt in through the sunroof.

The vet, Nate Eliot, tried chasing him down to no avail, but the boys in blue were able to track down the perp and make the arrest.

Riley Siva, the vandal, explained that he was so overcome with anger because of the “hate symbol” he had seen on Eliot’s vehicle, a bumper sticker that he defined as a “tool of hate or racism.”

He said he had to take action, because destroying the “hate symbol” would “improve the community.”

What was the hate symbol? A KKK bumper sticker? Perhaps the Westboro Baptist Church? A swastika?

If you guessed any of the above, you’d be sorely mistaken. The symbol of hate in question was none other than … a Donald Trump bumper sticker.

Apparently, making America great again is a hateful concept.

Via King 5 (HT Independent Journal):

Siva is accused of slashing the tires of a Ford Focus and pouring yogurt into the car’s open sunroof while it was parked at a Gig Harbor Fred Meyer.

Police say Siva told them he attacked the vehicle because of the Trump sticker on the rear bumper. Siva allegedly told police he considered the sticker a “hate symbol” and vandalizing the car “improved the community.”

The police report detailed a written statement allegedly written by Siva. It contained this statement: “I do not expect the law to recognize damage to tools of hate or racism, such things need to be destroyed so good people may remain and become free.”

Ah liberals – Stopping non-existent hatred one yogurt cup at a time.

Check out the local news report below …

Siva claimed that he didn’t think he was breaking the law. Fortunately, ignorance of the law has never been an appropriate defense.

Here are some pictures of the damage …

Eliot would like to see Siva charged with a hate crime, something that we’d be surprised to see happen if only for the fact that the bumper sticker did not say ‘Obama.’

I’m sure this would cause quite the conundrum for Siva should he be charged with a hate crime … by trying to stop what he thought was a hate crime. He’ll have a tough time wrapping his little mind around that one.

Comment: Do you think Siva should be charged with a hate crime? Share your thoughts below.

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