Which included the victim’s brother, Tito Anchondo.

Victim’s Brother Blows Up Liberal NPR Narrative

NPR reported, “As President Trump headed to El Paso on Wednesday and the grieving communities held vigils to mourn the dead, Andre’s older brother and father were back at work in the family’s auto shop, figuring out how to press on.”  On Wednesday, NPR even teased Anchondo’s upcoming appearance.

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“And I got to say, Rachel, his presence here in El Paso is controversial,” Greene said to NPR host Rachel Martin. “There are some in the city who just don’t think Trump should come, and that includes Democratic Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, who represents this area. She was speaking to MSNBC.”

NPR then played a clip of Escobar claiming that Trump said Americans should fear Latinos.


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Then they interviewed Tito at his father’s auto body shop, “And Rachel, you understand this,” Greene said. “I went into this conversation thinking I wasn’t going to bring up politics with this family at all.”

“It just felt insensitive,” Greene said. “But then Tito, pretty early on, told me that he’s really happy that President Trump is coming here.

“How come?” Martin queried.

“Well, I mean, he said his late brother supported the president,” said Greene, who went on to call Trump a racist. “He said he supports the president, but that he’s really grappled a lot with some of the racist things that President Trump has said,” Greene said. “And he’s hoping to get some face time with the president to challenge him on some of that.”

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‘I Think People Are Misconstruing President Trump’s Ideas’

Differently indeed. NPR reported, “On Wednesday, President Trump visited El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, to meet with survivors of the weekend massacres. Though the president has been met by protesters, some of whom think he helped incite the violence in El Paso with his language about immigrants, Tito sees it differently.”

“I can see why people would believe that,” Tito admitted. “And yes, maybe he said things in bad taste.”

“But I think people are misconstruing President Trump’s ideas,” Tito Anchondo said, adding that his family has long been Republican and conservative. “My brother was very supportive of Trump,” he said.

This had to surprise NPR producers who were obviously dead set on having an anti-Trump narrative.

And don’t expect to hear much about it on that liberal news outlet or any of the rest of the mainstream media.

Because they are not about pursuing truth, but an agenda.

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