The time and place may have been questionable, but an anonymous pedestrian interrupted a live broadcast from Anderson Cooper and guests to shout “CNN is fake news!”

The man interrupted with the statement several times while the broadcast was discussing a possible martyrdom video for the suspect in yesterday’s terror attack in New York City.


Cooper asked his panel of guests, “How likely is it that there could be a video, kind of a martyrdom video so-called, which is what we saw in, I think when the Charlie Hebdo attacks, if memory serves me, there were some, and some of the attacks in Europe that we’ve seen…”

Just then a man could be heard shouting “CNN is fake news! CNN is fake news! Anderson Cooper is fake news!”


Fact check: True.

Just yesterday evening, CNN’s Jake Tapper got into a social media spat with viewers over the use of quotation marks, in which the anchor claimed it was A-okay to put ‘rough translations’ of Allahu Akbar, the phrase shouted by the NYC terrorist, in quotes.


CNN kept putting “God is great” in quotes which A) is not what he specifically said, and B) is not the actual translation.


Tapper struggled to understand why people were upset about a bad translation of words never spoken being put into quotations when reporting on a terror attack.


CNN’s anchor also took the opportunity to call the phrase Allahu Akbar “beautiful” shortly after the terror attack.


It’s hard to imagine why the average viewer dismisses CNN’s coverage as ‘fake news.’

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