The horror that occurred in Las Vegas last night continues to get worse. The official death toll just climbed to 58 individuals. Hundreds remain hospitalized.

In situations like these, the greatest heroes are the first responders who risk their lives to save others. And there were plenty last night, doing their best to rescue attendees of the Jason Aldean concert. The police, the medical personnel, and the ambulance drivers all deserve a huge amount of gratitude for acting fast and saving as many lives as possible. The same goes for all the doctors and nurses who are tending to those currently injured.

Heroism comes in all forms, of course. And one man showed an incredible amount of courage last night as bullets rained down upon him and the surrounding crowd. This courage may have been alcohol-fueled, but it was pure, unadulterated courage nonetheless.

An unidentified man, still brandishing his beer, did what not many people in his position would do when facing death defenseless: He gave the middle finger to shooter Stephen Paddock.

This gesture speaks for all the victims of the tragic shooter. While we don’t yet know what Paddock’s motive was for murdering scores of people, we do know one thing: He’s an evil coward. Anyone who shoots a crowd of defenseless people is the worst kind of human being. President Trump said as much this morning:

We continue to send prayers to the victims of last night’s shooting, which will go down as the deadliest in U.S. history. But even in the midst of tragedy, we should also recognize the courage of some who, while operating in deadly situations, showed immense bravery.

We salute the man who defied Paddock. His small gesture represents every American who stands against evil in all its forms.

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