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Man Buys Truck From Hillary Supporter – Then, THIS HAPPENED!

Hillary Clinton supporters are very different from your typical voters. How anyone could excuse her crimes and lies is beyond logic, and I don’t think anyone is truly excited to vote for her.

The gentleman’s truck shopping experience sums up liberal logic perfectly:

Hillary Clinton

LOL… That is priceless!

I must say, I’ve bought a few cars in my day and yet I’ve NEVER had an experience like this gentleman. I would pay good money to have seen the salesperson’s face as he tarnished her priceless Hillary Clinton with his “Trump truck” explanation.  Her little tantrum just adds to the endless sea of liberal tears – from this truth bomb Matthew McConaughey dropped on whiny liberal college students to EPA employees coming to work weeping after Trump won – the list of crybaby liberals never seems to end.

All jokes aside – Clinton supporter or not, this salesperson needs a lesson in customer service. Would you have found the same satisfaction in schooling this Hillary Clinton supporter or would you have marched back to that dealership to demand she be fired?

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