The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is grasping at straws thinking that they can continue to disrupt businesses and people’s livelihood without repercussion. Last year around this time, they did the same by holding the Mall of America hostage and hurt numerous businesses inside the mall. This year the mall is fighting back.

It’s about time someone or some organization starts to push BLM back; it truly is a thug organization and needs to be put to rest. Building a reputation on violence and murder by using thugs as the fallen hero is ludicrous. BLM is a domestic terrorist group that needs handled like a terrorist group by the FBI.

On the group’s Facebook page, Black Lives Matter Minneapolis announced their intentions:

Although they destroyed our occupation, they will not destroy our spirits. If we don’t get justice for Jamar Clark and Black Minnesotans, we will return to the Mall of America.

A year after our first Mall of America action, we have not seen nearly enough progress in our state. Last month, Jamar Clark, a young black man, was shot in the head by police while handcuffed, according to witness testimony, prompting an 18 day occupation of the 4th Precinct that was bulldozed by police.

We have endured an armed white supremacist terrorist attack where five of us were shot; police violence in the form of mace, batons, and less lethal projectiles; over 50 arrests on highway 94 and at the 4th Precinct; and freezing temperatures, to demand justice for Jamar Clark. If it’s not clear yet: We won’t stop until we get it.


But the mall didn’t want it to get to that point! Mall officials filed for a temporary restraining order against members of the Black Lives Matter movement to stop the planned rally. They also want the group to post a message on its Facebook page announcing the rally’s cancellation.

In a statement released early Monday, Black Lives Matter Minneapolis called the suit “unconstitutional”:

The Mall [of] America continues to seek to bar free speech for the community on its premises despite receiving hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer subsidies, which it has used to appropriate the traditional public forum in service of its own corporate profit. The Mall of America has now taken the further outrageous and totalitarian step of attempting to control the speech of individuals.

This group seems to able to convince other weak minded, easily influenced low life into the clan of ignorance, Just pure stupidity from a bunch of genetically defective thinkers who lack any logic what so ever.

No, the Mall of America has not sought to bar free speech. They have taken a step to ensure that their business is not harmed in any way.

H/T: New York Post, CSMonitor

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