A Grandma Asked Malia Obama for a Photo – Malia Insults Her (VIDEO)

A year after graduating high school, Malia Obama just arrived at Harvard University. But she’s not fitting in.

Watch what happened (below) after eyewitnesses in Harvard Square reported a grandmother wanted to capture a photo of former President Barack Obama’s oldest daughter at a local salad shop. She wanted the photo for her grandchild according to TMZ.

But Malia isn’t Ivanka Trump. Which is why Malia immediately acted like a spoiled brat, telling the woman she’s too busy. Malia snapped, “Are you gonna take it in my face, like an animal in a cage?”


Malia took what sounds like a polite request to an extreme, acting like an entitled victim. She couldn’t be interrupted from her kale and arugula lunch with friends to take a picture.

It’s not acceptable to insult people in such a manner. Malia has been in the public eye for most of her life, and yet she still hasn’t learned how to be friendly in public.

Thank goodness the Obama family is no longer in the White House. This is not a good example for America’s young adults.

What do you think about Malia Obama’s rudeness to a grandmother at Harvard? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.

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