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Major Scandal Hits U.S. Military – This is Obama’s America

army helmets

Barack Obama is no friend of our brave men and women in our Armed Forces. He has spent his lame duck years gutting our Navy and Army, while the Islamic State (ISIS) and China grow stronger and more aggressive.

Now, a new scandal proves just how little concern Obama has for the safety of our brave troops who risk their lives for us.

This is despicable!

Federal inmates made thousands of defective combat helmets for the U.S. military at a prison facility that was rife with problems, including the use of degraded armor and the submission of preselected helmets for inspection to make sure they would get approved, according to a newly released investigative report.

Justice Department Inspector General summary report released Wednesday said faulty helmets were made by Federal Prison Industries (FPI), for both the Army and Marine Corps.

This is a disgrace to our country. When brave men and women give up their normal lives with their families and go overseas to risk their lives for our freedom, they deserve the very best equipment money can buy. They should never have to worry that simple things like combat helmets are made of poor materials by untrained PRISONERS.

It gets worse: These problems are nothing new. As the Washington Post reports, this same company has been making defective helmets since at least 2010.

This business-as-usual corruption is why so many Americans want Obama impeached and don’t trust Congress. Army helmets aren’t rocket science. It’s also why so many want to see a real change with Donald J. Trump!

What do you think? What should be the penalty for corrupt politicians like Obama who put the lives of our brave troops at risk? Let us know in the comments section below!