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Major Biblical Discovery Shocks The World! WOW


Archaeologists and laborers have now shown that the Pool of Siloam in Jerusalem has been found!

The Pool of Siloham is more than an important site for Christians… It is where Jesus Christ was reported to have healed a blind mind in the Gospel of Apostle John.

The story is told that Jesus spit into dirt, and the mud was rubbed on a blind man’s eyes. He was told to wash into the Pool of Siloam, and he was instantly cured.

Incredibly, the pool is exactly where the Bible noted it’s location, but has only been discovered now!

Archaeologists have been uncovering ancient artifacts that coincide with biblical accounts of history for decades, provoking serious questions in unbelievers that the stories are more accurate than previously thought. However, a major 21st-century discovery has proven the accuracy of one of the most influential miracles of Jesus recorded in the Gospel Of John.

For centuries, skeptics have relied on the lack of physical proof to argue that the miraculous events and religious history of the Bible are completely unfounded. But as researchers continue to uncover a wealth of undeniable evidence backing the world’s most influential book, cynics are beginning to suspect that there is more truth in the ancient scriptures than they presumed possible.

In 2005, sewage workers began maintenance on pipes in the Old City of Jerusalem, never expecting they’d be the first to witness an age-old artifact which many of the most scholarly historians believed never existed.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the workers unearthed an unexpected freshwater reservoir, upon which they immediately contacted researchers for study. Archaeologists soon found that this long-lost pool was actually the ancient Pool of Siloam, a location once believed by critics to be a myth. However, the revelation doesn’t end there.

Via Mad World News

As author and speaker Eric Metaxas opined, “The point is that it’s become increasingly clear that the default scholarly position of disbelieving the Bible because it is the Bible is untenable. Of course, Christians should already know that. But it’s still gratifying to see that other people are able to see it, as well. Even if they have to go to the Pool of Siloam to do it.”

This is one of many examples of the Bible’s stories being proven through through instrumental passages. As more facts are uncovered by man, the more the truth is revealed to the world! The Bible is recorded history!

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