Sunday afternoon’s White House virus briefing was low on new information but high on presidential clashes with the media, as President Trump skillfully defended himself against repeated low and petty gotcha questions from the press.

Examples of media malfeasance by the supposedly unbiased White House corps press include questions such as “Were you duped by President Xi?”, “Since most Americas believe you were wrong…”, “Why would you show a video in a time like this?”, and the worst of the lot, “Are you inciting violence by praising the reopen protestors?” The attacks were led by CBS and CNN.

The president parried the non-questions well and hit back on his own. He told CNN, “You don’t have the brains you were born with…that’s why your ratings are so low.” He told CBS “you should be ashamed of yourself” and cut off other reporters who were making left wing political statements, not asking legitimate questions.

On the subject of corrupt FBI probes Trump said,”The top of the FBI was scum…human scum.” He said this while also supporting rank and file FBI agents. He criticized FBI investigations of General Mike Flynn, Roger Stone, and Paul Manafort and hinted at an upcoming pardon for General Mike Flynn.

The president highlighted what Brett Baier at Fox News had recently pointed out that at the February Democrat debate in Las Vegas, two weeks after the president had closed down travel to and from China, the words “virus”, “coronavirus” and “COVID-19” were not uttered in the debate. Such was the Democrat concern with the virus then regardless of their current claims that Trump was late with a response. In point of fact, the only Democrat response came when they realized voters were supporting the president’s actions. Then they tried to get political mileage out of slamming him. It failed.

President Trump also decried the influence of globalists over trade policy and their ignorance of the basic facts regarding the supply chain.

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on April 20, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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