Womens March
In DC and around the country there are “Womens Marches” going on. They seem to be headed-up by angry, liberal women who want to try and de-legitimize President Trump’s victory.

Of course, plenty of leftist celebrities showed up including has-been pop-star and fake British accent holder, Madonna.

Here’s what the former Queen of Pop had to say about President Trump and the vile thoughts she had about him.

In the name of fairness, people wanted the “full context” of her remarks:

I don’t think that makes it much better. The fact that she even THOUGHT about it is suspect and dangerous, in my opinion. Why would she even think something like that is OK to say?

Will she get a visit from the Secret Service for this threatening remark? I doubt that.

Can you imagine if someone said this about Obama or Hillary? There would be wall-to-wall coverage and OUTRAGE by the media. But because it was said about Trump, it gets a pass. Unbelievable, but also completely believable because our media is fraudulent.

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