If You’ve Made Up Your Mind About Jeb Bush, WAIT! You Have to Watch His Latest No-Holds Barred Interview with Megyn Kelly



Here is an in-depth interview Megyn Kelly did with Gov. Jeb Bush that aired on Fox News.

Jeb Bush did an outstanding job in this interview answering questions in a calm and determined way. Though you might not agree with Bush on all of his answers, he certainly came across as very presidential. You can see how he could be President.

Bush held his ground on Common Core and on immigration, taking positions that will not win him favors among many conservatives. But he is consistent, and he comes across as a man who will do what he believes to be right, whether it is politically expedient or not.

He answered the question about the Iraq War just right, pointing out that Hillary Clinton supported the war based on the intelligence that was available at the time.

Part 1 –
Part 2 –

After watching this interview, has your decision on accepting Jeb Bush changed or stayed the same? Tell us what you think below.

H/T: FoxNews

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