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LOOK: Photo Captures Just How Much Michelle Obama Hates America – This Is Going Viral!

Michelle Obama

If we learned anything about the Obama White House in the past 8 years, we are certain: Michelle Obama doesn’t like America.

That’s why it was 2008 when Michelle said was the first time she was proud of her country. She’s an anti-American leftist who hates the principles America was founded on.

You would think Michelle would have learned to hide her disdain… But with months left to go in Obama’s presidency, she can’t help herself!

That’s why the internet is talking about this image (below) of Michelle Obama during the The Star-Spangled Banner, before the White House Correspondent’s Dinner over the weekend.

Do you see it?
Michelle Obama
Via Daily Caller

Wow, not exactly a proud American.

Seriously, what is wrong with her? Michelle can’t even fake it!

Michelle Obama has no class, and has embarrassed America for years. We need her out of the White House, now!

What do you think about Michelle’s Obama disdain for America? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.