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LOOK: These Five Photos Prove Why You Can NEVER Trust Democrats… EVER!

The meme perfectly explains just how much you can trust President Barack Obama’s Democrats in positions of power:

As Sean Higgins in the Washington Examiner explains, it was Democrats and their unions that turned Detroit, Michigan from a booming manufacturing town to the poorest, most dangerous city in America…

In 1970, Detroit’s population was 1.5 million. Forty-four percent was African-American, 54 percent was white. By 1990, the city’s population had fallen to slightly more than 1 million, with African-Americans accounting for 78 percent and whites only 20 percent.

The population shift under Young cemented the Democratic Party’s lock on the city. The labor organizer-turned-Democratic lawmaker would serve five terms, stepping down in 1993 at age 74 as his health worsened.

Under him, Detroit became a one-party big city machine. The last Republican mayor, Louis Miriani, was elected in 1957. Since 1970, only one Republican, Keith Butler, was elected to the city council.

As a result, Detroit exemplifies what happens when one political party — and it doesn’t matter if it’s the Democrats or the Republicans — keeps an iron grip on political power for decade after decade.

Young used the power to reward his base. The police force became 50 percent minority under his watch. Efforts to steer city business to a black-owned company resulted in two federal corruption probes in the early 1980s. Young himself was never charged.

Other corruption scandals followed. Young’s police chief, William Hart, was convicted of embezzling $2.4 million in police funds in 1992.

Young’s successor, Kwame Kilpatrick, resigned amid a “pay to play” and sex scandal in 2008. In March, he was convicted on 24 counts including racketeering and bribery.

Meanwhile, the city deteriorated. While Young focused on stopping police brutality, the city’s homicide rate doubled from about 30 per 100,000 residents in 1970 to 60 per 100,000 by 1990.

Detroit is now the most dangerous big city in America, according to FBI statistics, with a crime rate five times the national average.

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