LOL! Minimum Wage Protesters Take Over Restaurant… Then, THIS Happened!

Minimum Wage

At a Taco Bell in Austin, Texas, people who want something for nothing minimum wage protesters piled in with their ‘Fight for 15’ signs, demanding a higher minimum wage and better working conditions for the fast food industry.

In what could only be described as an epic metaphor, the protesters who have nothing better to do during the day than complain about their wages were told to leave by the employee working hard behind the counter because she has an actual job to do.

The lead loser from the activist group explained what he and his followers were doing at the Taco Bell, telling the female worker that they were involved in a “day of action.” Only liberals can call avoiding work a “day of action.”

The employee was having none of it, saying “This is also a job that I am trying to do.”

She followed that up with “Y’all are hindering my work, you may leave the building.”

Bravo Taco Bell lady, bravo.


Watch the video clip below …

That was tremendous.

Via The Blaze:

A group of “Fight for 15” protesters invaded a Taco Bell restaurant in Austin, Texas, on Thursday and invited a worker to go on “strike” to demand more money and better working conditions.

The protesters’ message wasn’t well received by the employee, who said she just wanted to do her job.

After one protester informed her it was a “day of action,” the employee responded sharply, “This is also a job that I am trying to do.”

“Y’all are hindering my work, you may leave the building,” she added.

The apparent leader of the protest still finished his speech and invited her to go on “strike” and join the protest — but she didn’t seem interested in the least.

The leader of the protest still invited the employee to join their cause. Judging by her response, we doubt she jumped at the opportunity to stop working, stop providing for herself and her family, and instead spend the the day b**ching about how she’s entitled to more money.

Check out this clip on what Ted Cruz feels about the minimum wage fight …

Comment: What do you think of this fast food workers response to minimum wage activists? If you support her, please provide a comment below.

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