This Little Boy Was Called To The School Stage – He Never Expected This Thanksgiving Treat!


After more than a year’s deployment in South Korea, Air Force Master Sgt. Heather Michaud returned to her mother’s Oley Township home Wednesday night under a strict, self-imposed order of secrecy.

If you know anyone in the military or have served, one of the biggest joys you can have is surprising your family when you haven’t seen them for a long time.

In a touching holiday story, WFMZ reports:

The first grade boy thought he was being called up to receive a turkey during the school’s annual Thanksgiving giveaway, when his mom appeared from behind the curtain.

“It was awesome. I snuck up behind him and he had no idea that I was there,” Heather said. “It’s so great. It feels awesome!” said Trevor.

The Exeter Township boy knew that his mom would be returning home from her South Korea deployment for the holidays, but he never expected the reunion would take place before his entire school. “We wanted to do something special,” said secretary Kelly Stefanelli.




What really makes this special for me is I used to surprise my mom all the time, so I know how this young mother feels and I also know how this little boy feels.

Check out this beautiful reunion:

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