Rush Limbaugh is the most popular conservative radio host in history. He single-handedly created conservative talk radio and gave birth to the alternative media.

But Limbaugh has been sitting on a big story for weeks, as he wanted to see if the media would report on it. It is a podcast with former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney wishing we were in a time before Limbaugh was on the air and before conservative media existed.

As Limbaugh opined, “I wanted to see if this got any play anywhere.”

But no one, except Breitbart.com, covered it…

He added, “Mitt Romney is on record in the David Axelrod podcast as lamenting and complaining about the fact that there is now a conservative media, both on talk radio, in print, in broadcast, and on the World Wide Web. Romney told Axelrod that the demise of legacy media had empowered conservative insurgents like this show and others, which has prevented collaboration in Washington.”

Limbaugh blasted the former Republican presidential candidate for his comments.

“Same set of facts? How about the same set of lies? How about the same set of bias? How about the same set of disadvantage? The same set of facts?” he rhetorically asked.

via The Blaze

Then, Limbaugh fired back in a huge way! “It is my contention that busting up the Democrat Party monopoly and the mainstream media — I do believe it’s led to divisiveness, but it’s not because of us. The divisiveness and the reason there is so much partisanship and mean-spirited, extreme rancor is all on the Democrats, if you ask me, and the media.”

Limbaugh added, “They have lost their monopoly. They have reacted in extreme ways, complete with anger and frustration and a desire to destroy the upstarts.” he said.

He noted that Mitt Romney isn’t the only one who thinks like this. This is the mind set of the Washington, D.C. crowd. They are out of touch!

Then, Limbaugh concluded that we’re seeing the transformation of our country. “We are witnessing a particular party (transforming America) with glee, and we are scared because the party we thought that we supported to stop it isn’t interested in stopping it. They’re interested in stopping us. Meaning, opponents of what’s happening.”

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