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President Trump Tells Liberty U Students To “Embrace” The Outsider Label

After a week of battling the media and the left over his firing of FBI Director James Comey, President Trump addressed the graduates of Liberty University.

He told the press traveling with him his plans for the FBI moving forward

Via AP:

On Saturday, Trump told reporters traveling with him on Air Force One that he wants to move quickly to nominate a new FBI director to replace Comey, saying he may be able to make his decision before he leaves for his first foreign trip later next week.

Trump at Liberty University

In the first commencement speech of his young administration, President Trump discussed the obstacles and challenges young people face in the real world. But he left them with some memorable words that they are not going to forget. President Trump laid a real challenge at their feet. These few words are some of the most motivating I’ve heard from a sitting President!

President Trump was elected because he is an outsider. As a result, Trump isn’t here to play Washington’s stupid games and follow their antiquated rules. Rather, he is here to attack and change. The Donald was elected to DRAIN THE SWAMP.

The Outsider Goes To Washington!

Comey’s firing was just the latest in of a string of measures to break the cycle in Washington. Slightly over 100 days in, President Trump has been undoing the damage done by President Obama. Consequently, President Trump is dismantling burdensome executive orders while giving power back to the taxpayers of the United States.

And much more!

Watch President Trump’s full commencement speech at Liberty University below:

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