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Liberals Publish Guides on How to Deal With Trump Supporters on Thanksgiving

The left is all in a panic as the holiday season approaches, publishing guides and suggestions for those unable to cope with Trump supporters during Thanksgiving dinner.

In an article titled, “How to survive Thanksgiving if you have to spend it with diehard Trump supporters,” Salon advised their snowflake base to use “radical empathy” to understand them.

“If progressives are having trouble understanding the conservatives in our own families,” they asked, “how can we begin to empathize with Trumpers who don’t share our blood?”

They also advise methods to achieve tolerance. “Breathe, meditate,” they write.

It was reminiscent of former First Lady Michelle Obama urging liberals to push health care on their relatives during Thanksgiving dinner.

And it was equally laughable …

Even better, the Democrat National Committee website has a post asking their supporters, “REPUBLICAN UNCLE GOT YOU DOWN?” In it, they name various examples of ‘crazy’ Trump supporters who might be in your family and what can be done about them.

“When Aunt Mary says she can’t wait to see what Trump does with Obamacare, or Uncle Steve high-fives Cousin Jim because they think America will be ‘great again,'” the site reads. “If Grandma Kay doesn’t believe in climate change, and Grandpa George doesn’t care how many millions of jobs Democrats have created, take another bite of turkey, pass the cranberry sauce, and do something about it.”

They then suggest modest donations upwards of $2,000 in honor of your Trump-supporting relatives to help stop the President’s agenda.

Perhaps the best advice of all for both Salon and the DNC is this piece of simple, sage knowledge: Just be an adult and love your family unconditionally.

That could have saved them a whole lot of time, research, and writing.

What advice would you give in dealing with liberals this Thanksgiving? Share your thoughts below!