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Liberals Throw Tantrum In House… This Meme DESTROYS THEM! (Must See)

Democrats have ended their outrageous 25-hour long “sit-in”, where they pretended to be indigent about Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) refusing to hold a vote on an anti-gun bill.

Their temper tantrum, staged for fundraising purposes, is a law Democrats could have easily passed during the first two years of President Barack Obama’s time in office, when they controlled both the House and the Senate.

The bill in question would have stripped Americans of their constitutional rights and put them on a secret government list for owning guns. This meme explains it perfectly!

Democrat sit-in

Clearly, liberals do not understand history, and how dangerous lists are. The civil rights movement was closely watched by the government, and you would would assume they would be sensitive to that, especially Rep. John Lewis.

Liberal Democrats are furious that Speaker Ryan turned off C-SPAN, but they forgot that Nancy Pelosi did the same thing when she was Speaker. Their anger is a clear sign that this was about fundraising online, instead of actually passing a law.

Their protest has ended, and they look like fools.

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