Liberals Think They Know What’s Best For Our Children With Their Indoctrination Methods, Um, I Mean ‘Education’

Democrats are in the way of black success. They’ve got a vested interest in maintaining a poor, alienated and angry minority community.

When minorities look at the facts and figures concerning inner-city public schools failing them and start looking at the common denominator for 60 years (Democrats), only then will change happen.


The teachers union in DC killed the popular school voucher program that allowed the more impoverished families to move their kids out of inadequate schools, thereby keeping their monopoly on public education or the lack thereof in this case.

Without competition, nothing will improve.

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Want to make a liberals head explode. Suggest the sensibility of a voucher system where students and their parents can shop for a school system. That’s just evil to them.

The teachers’ unions spend a lot of money advertising against charter schools. Teachers have no accountability and are tenured (can’t lose their job no how bad they do it unless they say something “politically incorrect”) The people who need charter schools the most are the bright students stuck in inner-city schools.

Teachers don’t care (in my opinion).

It would be wonderful if the higher pay for public school teachers guaranteed higher education for the students. That, however is not the case.

The teachers union makes it impossible to get rid of lousy teachers, so the kids suffer. Charter schools facing an uphill battle just to exist, have in all cases, shining results. I wish there were more of them, not less. School choice is a must if you want your kids educated.

I feel bad that charter school teachers don’t get paid as much. But I applaud them for their work.

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Another way to look at it is that it comes down to parenting. The unions and bad teachers are the results of parents not being involved in their kid’s education. In the case of black communities, it is the victim mentality that is taught from generation to generation and the politicians that foster that thinking for their benefit.

It is a vicious cycle. But for those that are willing to break that cycle, I truly believe that minorities have a much faster way to succeed in this economic environment.

A student’s success or failure has everything to do with the attitude of the student, always be learning to be intelligent and succeed at what is essential in life, and that is mostly inspired or failed at home by the parents. Also helpful is the same attitude of the community values they live in and teachers that value teaching success far above annual selfish greed for more money for more failure.


Genetic determinism is a theory (only a theory) that what you are born within terms of your genetic makeup determines a variety of outcomes, including intelligence and success. It is a false theory in the sense that it is inescapable. People are indeed born with differing aptitudes. But that does not limit success.

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That is why people with even severe disabilities physical and intellectual can overcome those through training and work. It is essential to understand that IQ tests test the things that are important in public school classrooms, not comprehensively those things that go into a successful life.

In the former Soviet Union, the communist regime figured out that easy access to alcohol and a very lenient approach to widespread intoxication is the best way to manipulate and control population.

Democrats figured out that they can achieve the same thing through a substandard education system.


Wayne Dupree

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