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Liberals FURIOUS About Nun’s Controversial Facebook Picture – This Is Going Viral!

Catholic Sister John Paul Bauer of Erie, Pennsylvania bagged a big deer recently on the first day of deer season. And now, liberals are FURIOUS at her and expressing their hatred on social media.

Viewed by millions on Facebook, Sister Bauer – who is also a veteran of the U.S. Navy and now teaches at Elk County Catholic High School – sat in a tree where she prayed the rosary… Then, successfully hunted a 10-point buck with a 16-inch spread. She noted, “In St. Mary’s, this is what you do. You go hunting. And everybody goes hunting. The coach, myself, the students.”

She added, “I’ve always prayed the Rosary on the tree stand. That’s a tradition. You get up in the morning. You pray the rosary in the tree stand. So, I just think the Blessed Mother did smile upon me.”


Quickly, angry anti-gun leftists left comments condemning Sister Bauer’s impressive hunting skills:



But Sister Bauer is not backing down! She’s proud of her hunting skills and is happy to promote traditional sportsmanship. Clearly, these angry liberals are ignorant about what hunting and guns mean to different parts of the country. What this nun did on the first day of deer season is impressive, and we salute her. While Obama is busy trying to take away our guns, Sister Bauer is a freedom-loving, American patriot!

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