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Hilarious: The Facts of Life for Liberals

Where does money come from?

Writer and comedian Andrew Klavan put together a hilarious sketch answering that question for liberals in a “birds and the bees” themed bedtime story.

“Liberals, it’s time we had a little grown up to liberal talk about the facts of life. Specifically I’d like to answer a question that may have been on your minds recently: where does money come from? Now it’s perfectly natural for someone at your pre-adolescent stage of development to ask this question and even though it may be awkward to talk about, it’s important you get the answer from a conservative or other adult otherwise you might be told schoolyard lies you’re telling me we got to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt.”

Watch the hilarious skit below:

Klavan is known today for his show with Ben Shapiro’s “The Daily Wire,” but he used to regularly produce some pretty hilarious videos for PJ Media a half-decade ago that haven’t gotten nearly the attention they deserve.

Watch some of the “best of” below:

Weren’t these videos hilarious? Didn’t they give an accurate depiction of clueless liberals?

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