Liberalism Is Naturally Funny and Ridiculous, Watch This Comedian Prove It


As it is Friday, we thought it’d be a good time to take a moment and introduce you to one of our favorite conservative comedians.

You’re probably asking yourself, ‘Since when are conservatives funny?’

Well, we have the answer.

Meet Evan Sayet, the nation’s premier conservative comedian, author, and speaker. Sayet is currently on a national tour which will roll into New York City this Sunday, June 14th, where he will deliver his material to an area known for its extreme left-wing environment.

Recently, NewsMax had a chance to profile Sayet, which you can see below.

During the interview, Sayet explains that he was once a liberal, even writing and acting as a creative consultant for Bill Maher in the ’90s. However, once he actually decided to think on his own, he realized the world isn’t as his left-wing colleagues made it seem.

Sayet recently explained to Politichicks,

“You just have to understand that Liberals are, by definition, idiots. Yes, they can be ‘clever’ in their hatred — look at Bill Maher — but cleverness used to advance stupidity is still stupidity.”

It was the terrorist attacks on 9/11 that Sayet says transformed him from being a liberal idiot to a thinking conservative.

But after 9/11 — and it wasn’t the attacks that changed me but the desperate efforts by the Liberals to JUSTIFY the attacks and put the blame on America that did — I knew I had to be more than just a “gun for hire,” and that I had to take it to the Left with power and purpose.

In one of the clips NewsMax aired above, Sayet doesn’t blame America or justify why the country is hated in other parts of the world. Instead, he explains that we are a nation of morals, one that has the power to do what many countries have done in the past upon reaching their peak, but have chosen to use that power for good instead.

Sayet, speaking about America’s increased power after World War II: “We were not only a superpower, but Europe was decimated, Asia was in ashes, Africa was, as always, a non-starter, and the Muslim world was primitive. We held in our hands a weapon that all we had to do was go to any other nation and say ‘we will use this if you don’t let us take you over,’ and they would have let us. We had that power and we didn’t even take over Canada.”  (applause)

Sayet explains that what he does is important.

“Political comedy isn’t ‘frivolous’,” he explained. “They should take the time and spend the money to come out and support it en masse.”

You can see a longer clip of Sayet’s take on liberalism and American exceptionalism below. It’s well worth looking at for a few minutes.

Comment: What do you think of Sayet’s comedy? Is liberalism a breeding ground for laughs because of its ridiculous thoughtlessness? Share your thoughts.

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