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Liberal Mock Trump’s Low Fundraising Totals… 24 Hours Later, Something AMAZING HAPPENS!

trump fundraising

Liberals and the mainstream media have attacked conservative businessman and GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump for the low fundraising numbers his campaign reported.

After defeating 16 high-profile opponents, Trump showed what’s possible with a bold message and an efficient campaign. While Hillary Clinton was busy selling access and appointments, Trump completely self-funded his campaign.

But now we’re in the general election campaign cycle. Since Tuesday, Trump has raised $11 million dollars!

This is amazing:

Donald Trump and his joint fundraising committee have raised at least $11 million since Tuesday morning, Republicans said Wednesday, a tremendously quick haul that comes amid concerns about his fundraising ability.

Trump Victory, the joint fundraising account with the Republican National Committee, and Trump’s official campaign raised $5 million online since Tuesday morning, when it sent one of its first fundraising pitches to its email list, according to Sean Spicer, an RNC spokesman.

That does not include the $2 million that Trump himself has pledged to match in the fundraising appeal, Spicer said.

Trump has done virtually no small-dollar fundraising since launching his campaign a year ago, and is not expected to begin a full online fundraising operation until the convention.

Clearly, there are many Republican donors willing to do anything possible to stop Hillary Clinton. Trump doesn’t like fundraising, but his message of patriotism and national defense is so popular among voters that his fundraising is taking off at lightning speed!

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