George Takei is famous for his role on Star Trek… Hikaru Sulu. Now, he is a liberal gay-rights activist who just penned a fundraising letter for President Barack Obama’s “LGBT Gala.” He is a partisan hack and a typical Hollywood actor.

That’s why he recently went on Facebook to attack Chick-fil-a for the company’s pro-Christian, traditional stance. With more than 8 million Facebook “fans,” a vast majority of them turned on Takei for attacking a company which supports American values while selling delicious chicken sandwiches (except on Sunday!). Chick-fil-A will NOT be silenced, and neither will fans of the popular fast food chain.

Here is the post:


And here are some the most popular responses. Takei was destroyed! You have to see these:


And here are even more responses! Incredible…


It’s great to know that hundreds of thousands of patriots were willing to stand up and show their friends just how much they appreciate everything Chick-fil-A stands for.

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