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Left-Leaning Veterans Group To Hand Out USS McCain T-Shirts At Trump 4th Of July Event

It is an honor for a US president to speak on American Independence Day. There would have been no demonstrations if a Democratic president had spoken. Trump could have gone golfing or like other presidents, been on vacation, but, like a true patriot, he is going to be in DC and speak to Americans.

As a combat vet of the Iraq war, I have no love for the late Sen. John McCain. He was just like every other senator who overstayed his time in office and continued to milk the American people (my opinion).

Left-leaning group VoteVets raised enough money to make more than 5,000 shirts that feature the words “USS JOHN S. MCCAIN” in bold red letters and “BIG BAD JOHN,” the nickname for the ship, in smaller blue letters. The shirt also features an image of the ship, which is named after all three generations of McCains.

“Today, we learned the news that Donald Trump is turning the national Fourth of July celebration into a 2020 campaign event, complete with a ticketed VIP section for friends and supporters,” an email from the group read. “That’s not what America is about.”

Peter Kauffman, vice chairman of VoteVets, said that concept of handing out the shirts was done to emphasize the country rather than Trump on Independence Day.

“It’s really a way to honor a family that, through multiple generations, has shown that the country is bigger than any one individual,” Kauffmann told the Huffington Post. “July 4 has never been about who is president. The idea that Donald Trump can come in and sell VIP tickets so you can get good seats while the regular old people have to stay back from the area is antithetical to the whole idea of America.” [Washington Examiner]

McCain, the POW, Vietnam Veteran I have nothing but respect for. There’s been several stories about his captivity, what he did or didn’t do while being in North Vietnam for over 5 yrs. as a POW, however, unless you were there, those stories are just that stories.


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The man went through Hell, all our Vietnam veterans did, and they all deserve more than we can ever give them because of what we made them endure not only over there but when they came back home, but I can’t walk away from him being a traitor to his political party.

These left-leaning veteran groups aren’t getting my praise either.

Again, most of us applauded his military service. It was politics he sucked at. And regardless of the party, he affiliated himself with he was democrat deep down.

As for this group of veterans, you would think they would highlight America’s birthday, but you can see what they are trying to do and for that, I am against it. It’s not that many times I raise my voice toward fellow veterans, but I am doing it now.