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LEAKED! Shocking News About Ted Cruz… We Weren’t Supposed To Know THIS!

Ted Cruz

Word has leaked that because Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) knows conservative businessman Donald J. Trump has secured the nomination, he is now negotiating to be Trump’s VP running mate!

This is a bombshell report, which means there wouldn’t be a brokered RNC convention in Cleveland after all, like many pundits were expecting…

A high ranking Cruz campaign official has told Elect Leaders that Sen. Cruz is in negotiations with Mr. Trump to become his Vice Presidential Nominee after Rubio dropped out Tuesday. Sen. Cruz has been the most consistent performer in primaries behind Trump. They are seeing the writing on the wall and want to negotiate from a point of strength which will evaporate over time.

The official stated Mr. Trump is interested in using Sen. Cruz’s ground game in the general election, likes his appeal to the conservative base and his stance on immigration. Of the other options for VP none hold as strong of an opinion on immigration outside of Governor Jan Brewer from Arizona who is also being considered.

Clearly, this changes the entire dynamic of the Republican primary race. Ohio Governor John Kasich would no longer be an issue, even after his victory in the Buckeye State. A Trump/Cruz ticket would be a conservative team that would attract millions of voters into the Republican Party this November. They would be an unstoppable force against Hillary Clinton, who is currently facing a possible FBI criminal inditement for her illegal handling of classified documents.

Voters in some states have questioned Cruz’s eligibility to run for President, but all cases have been dismissed or thrown out of court.

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