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Leaked Poll From South Carolina GOP Primary! BREAKING NEWS

South Carolina

All eyes are on South Carolina as the GOP primary in the Palmetto State starts in 10 days. After Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) won in Iowa and conservative businessman Donald J. Trump won in New Hampshire, there is a lot riding on this critical primary race.

Now, The Weekly Standard has published leaked poll numbers from a trusted operative, via a well known pollster. This poll was not to be made public, and was conducted last night:

Here’s what the pollster found:

Trump 32

Cruz 26

Rubio 20

Bush 10

Carson 7

Kasich 2

This shows Donald J. Trump in a commanding lead, which is good for him since the primary is not “closed”… meaning you do not have to be a Republican to vote in the South Carolina GOP primary. As Trump can draw from traditionally Democratic demographics, this is big news.

But it also means Cruz is doing better than anyone expected, and is only gaining on Trump thanks to a sophisticated ground game. This poll shows that the ONLY conservative challenger who has a chance to defeat Trump is Cruz… and everyone else is largely wasting their time.

South Carolina’s primary is notorious for dirty tricks and bad polling. However, this gives us insight as to what campaigns are thinking right now.

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