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LEAKED! We Now Know Where Hillary’s Huma Was On 9/11

Huma Abedin

The Islamic terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 changed America forever. Now, almost two decades later, Hillary Clinton is running for President with her top aide Huma Abedin helping her at every step of the way.

But what do we know about Huma Abedin? Some information about her was just leaked, and the details of where she was during the September 11th attacks are disturbing.

While planes were flying into the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon, Huma was working for an organization closely linked to the country which funded the 9/11 terrorists.

This is a bombshell report:

On September 11, 2001 Huma Abedin — Hillary Clinton’s aide for twenty years and co-chair of her current Presidential run — was working for an organization located in the offices of Saudi Arabia’s Muslim World League.

That’s a Wahhabist Islamic group that Breitbart News recently reported was going to be put on a list of terror funders by U.S. government but was removed, reportedly under pressure from Saudi Arabia.

This latest revelation ties the Muslim World League directly to the The Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs and the Journal for Muslim Minority Affairs, an organization that Vanity Fair writer William D. Cohan called “the Abedin family business.

Huma Abedin is scheduled to give a deposition today on her role in the Hillary Clinton email server scandal, which involved classified documents.

Muslim World League London Office & Abedin Family Business Have Same Address

An archived webpage from the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs from a little over a year after 9/11 — December 2, 2002, the earliest date available — shows that then-New York Senator Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin was an assistant editor of the Journal.

The league was removed after pressure from the Saudi government, even though it was used by bin Laden to finance his operations, according to Newsweek:

Two interrelated global charities directly financed by the Saudi government–the International Islamic Relief Organization and the Muslim World League –have been used by bin Laden to finance his operations. The organizations were left off the list of groups sanctioned by the United States last week, U.S. officials hinted to NEWSWEEK, in order to avoid embarrassing the Saudi government.

This means during the 9/11 attacks, Huma worked for a so-called “charity” which directly funded Osama bin Laden. Shocking!

And yet Huma was granted top security clearance to work at the State Department? She continues to be a visible part of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to this day.

There have also been suggestions that Huma Abedin has deep connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is now a surrogate of Al Qaeda. These facts raise massive red flags about Hilary’s top adviser.

What do you think about Hillary’s top adviser being tied to terrorism? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.