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LEAKED! Donald Trump’s Vice President Choice?!?!


The buzz in political circles today are questions about who will be conservative businessman Donald Trump’s running mate.

Now, one name rises above all the others, and someone who in’t new to the 2016 presidential race. In fact, he ran against Hillary Clinton… as a Democrat!

Former Virginia Governor Jim Webb, a pro-gun Democrat and a Veteran, has been making the media rounds explaining why he could never vote for corrupt Hillary Clinton, but would gladly cast his vote for Donald Trump!

Webb makes the case that Trump is willing to speak out against political insiders in Washington, D.C. Because Trump is self funded, he is not beholden to any special interests, which is why he’s being attacked by the establishment.

No one is making a stronger case to be Trump’s running mate than Webb, who would be critical in winning the state of Virginia this November.

This is incredible!

In an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Reagan administration veteran-turned-Democratic senator from Virginia turned short-term presidential candidate Jim Webb said twice that he could not support Hillary Clinton if she won the Democratic nomination for president.

“No, I would not vote for Hillary Clinton,” said Webb.

Pressed on whether he would vote for Donald Trump, Webb said he was “not sure” but had not ruled it out.

“It’s nothing personal about Hillary Clinton, but the reason Donald Trump is getting so much support right now is not because of the, you know, ‘racists,’ etc and etc,” said Webb. “It’s because a certain group of people are seeing him as the only one who has the courage to say ‘we’ve got to clean out the stables of the American governmental system right now.’ If you’re voting for Donald Trump, you might be getting something very good or very bad. If you’re voting for Hillary Clinton, you’re going to get the same thing. Do you want the same thing?”

Webb, who briefly ran for the Democratic nomination before dropping out and recently ruled out an independent bid for president, had just watched Trump win landslide votes in the part of the country Webb knows best.

Via Washington Post

Twitter responded immediately:


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