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Man Gets Three Wishes But With A Catch – But He Finds A Genius Loophole!

Who doesn’t love a funny lawyer joke? There is no profession that is made fun of more…and deservedly so!

The 18th-century poet John Gay described society’s hatred of lawyers best:

A Fox may steal your hens, sir
A Whore your health and pence, sir
Your daughter rob your chest, sir
Your wife may steal your rest, sir
A thief your goods and plate
But this is all but picking
With rest, pence, chest and chicken
It ever was decreed, sir
If Lawyer’s Hand is fee’d, sir
He steals your whole estate

We don’t like lawyers because they don’t care a lot about morals….

lawyer joke

But they do care a lot about money!

lawyer joke

lawyer joke

And a lawyer will pull whatever tactic they can to win the case!

lawyer joke

However, this joke is one is one of my favorites. It takes a situation where EVERY lawyer wins and makes sure that EVERY lawyer LOSES!

Brilliant and hilarious!

lawyer joke

Via ChristiansUnite.

Just how unpopular are lawyers? Even the LAMEstream media is more popular!

About one-in-five Americans (18%) say lawyers contribute a lot to society, while 43% say they make some contribution; fully a third (34%) say lawyers contribute not very much or nothing at all.

lawyer jokes

The hatred of lawyers is nothing new, even in Shakespeare’s time, they knew they were scum!

Think this lawyer joke is funny? You’ll love this one.