A state representative in Colorado took a stand for Thanksgiving, telling Americans that no lawmaker has the “constitutional authority” to impose restrictions on you in your own home.

In a letter to his constituents in House District 39, Republican lawmaker Mark Baisley encouraged people to continue their Thanksgiving gatherings just as they would normally.

This, despite current COVID restrictions and warnings being issued by several Democrat politicians.

“It is important for Americans to realize that, in spite of their good intentions, neither a governor, a president-elect nor I as your state representative have the constitutional authority to restrict the number of family members who gather in your home,” Baisley wrote.

He goes on to remind constituents that the nation has faced other epidemics without abandoning our freedoms.

“You have a constitutionally guaranteed right of free assembly and association, specifically protected in the first amendment,” he wrote later adding, “the constitution is not suspended because of a pandemic.”

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No Constitutional Authority to Impose Thanksgiving Restrictions

Baisley went on to explain that the government’s role is more to educate the people during a pandemic or crisis, not to tell them what they can and can’t do.

He stated that the role of government should be simply to “provide an accurate understanding of the virus in order to assist families in making informed decisions in their own self-interests.”

Instead, Democrat lawmakers have seized the pandemic as an opportunity to impose or threaten unconstitutional edicts upon the American people.

Joe Biden, the media’s President-elect, recommends Americans limit their Thanksgiving gatherings to within five and ten people, and adhere to current protocols such as social distancing and mask-wearing in their own home.

Meanwhile, people like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot are ‘canceling’ Thanksgiving for their residents while others like Oregon governor Kate Brown threaten jail time if anyone fails to follow her lockdown rules.

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Democrats Aren’t Even Following Their Own Rules

As Democrats continue to overstep their constitutional authority and impose restrictions on you, they openly flaunt their own rules and decrees.

Lightfoot, as we said, told city residents to ‘cancel’ Thanksgiving and yet found it perfectly acceptable to celebrate maskless in the streets after the election.

California Governor Gavin Newsom landed in some hot water after he was caught partying at an upscale restaurant without a mask in tight quarters.

This, even as he imposed holiday restrictions on the number of people one can have in their home, the length of time they can be there, and even if they should sing or not.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo restricted the number of people that can attend a Thanksgiving gathering in a private residence and imposed a curfew on bars and restaurants.

This, despite the fact that he and his own brother, CNN’s Chris Cuomo, have been caught maskless and hanging out in public or at indoor businesses.

These lawmakers either don’t think you have the ability to Google their hypocrisy or they simply don’t care.

They know the Constitution prevents them from making imposing these restrictions when it comes to their own lives.

They just don’t care about your rights.