On Wednesday, Laura Ingraham began “The Ingraham Angle” by discussing the murder last week of Bernell Trammell, an African-American supporter of President Donald Trump.

Ingraham described the 60-year-old Milwaukee man as “a well-known, passionate figure in the community, someone who had supported every issue, from police reform and other liberal causes.”

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Trammell was an outspoken Trump supporter

“But lately he had been holding homemade pro-Trump signs,” Ingraham said. “That man was murdered. He also happened to be African-American. He was shot and killed outside his office just after noon while he was sitting in a lawn chair. It happened in broad daylight.”

Wisconsin Republicans have called for a federal investigation into Trammell’s murder to learn if the killing had to do with his politics.

Trammell said in a video just a few days before he was murdered,”Obama has did nothing for us. Everybody says ‘health care,’ we can’t afford health care. We ain’t got no money.”

“So Trump at least had, whether the will of God or his own inspiration, to do something that no president has ever done and that’s why he’s got my vote,” he said.

Did Trammell’s black life matter?

“The Ingraham Angle” obtained the exclusive video, where Trammell is shown holding a sign urging people to vote for Trump in the November election. When a man off camera tells Trammell, “If I stood here with a [pro-Trump sign] … I’d get a rock thrown at me, at best,” he answers, “No fear. Come what may.”

“At the very least, it reveals that Mr. Trammell was aware that he could be harmed for his pro-Trump views,” Ingraham said. “Now, if this is true, it’s absolutely appalling, as is the deafening silence from Democrats.”

“Where’s Al Sharpton? Where’s Black Lives Matter, a group that Mr. Trammell even supported, by the way?” Ingraham asked. “But they’re nowhere to be found.”

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Ingraham: ‘Apparently, certain Black lives do not matter’

“Apparently, certain Black lives do not matter,” she continued. “Let’s not forget the left’s long history of ignoring, vilifying or dehumanizing Blacks who disagree.”

“Bernell Tramel wasn’t killed by a corrupt police officer. He was cut down in the middle of the day after holding a Trump 2020 sign,” Ingraham finished. “That was his crime.”