There are some establishment watchers who wish the GOP front-runner — Donald Trump — would just go away and stop “dividing” the Republican party, even though it was divided before he joined the presidential race. During his nationally syndicated radio show, Rush Limbaugh had this to say about Donald Trump:

“Trump hasn’t faded. He’s not shown any signs up of fading yet. He goes on Meet the Press yesterday and, have to tell you, the establishment is shocked, angry, saddened. He came off as presidential. He had a serious immigration plan. And the key to Trump’s immigration plan is that it almost dovetails exactly with public opinion on immigration. You know, it’s kind of stunning. We got 16 Republican candidates now, and there’s only one of them — only one — with a unique view or different view on immigration. It’s Trump.”

A new CNN/ORC poll gives the New York businessman 24% support among GOP registered voters, followed by Jeb Bush at 13%.


Other Republican candidates are in the single digits, including Ben Carson (9%); Marco Rubio and Scott Walker (8%); Rand Paul (6%); Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, and John Kasich (5%), and Mike Huckabee (4%).

The CNN survey comes after polls in Iowa and New Hampshire show Trump leading in those two states in the wake of the Aug. 6  debate and the businessman’s highly publicized dispute with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

From CNN:

“The poll suggests those behind Trump love him: He holds a 98% favorability rating among his supporters. But those Republican voters who aren’t supporting Trump are skeptical that he would help the party. Most Republicans (58%) say the party would have a better chance to win in 2016 with someone else at the top of the ticket, including 72% of those who don’t currently back the businessman.”

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