Finally – FINALLY – somebody is calling out the media’s gun control darling, David Hogg, for being a counterproductive, petulant, ignorant hack simply seeking attention.

Well, maybe not in so many words, but Kyle Kashuv, also a survivor of the deadly high school shooting in Florida, slammed his classmate for pretending to search for solutions to violence in our schools, while simultaneously hanging up on a call from the White House to discuss the issue.

Hogg recently ventured into the friendly confines of the Bill Maher show and bragged that he hung up on Trump or an official at the White House when they invited him to a listening session.

“I’m not coming because we expect Donald Trump to come to the CNN town hall,” Hogg claimed to have responded.

“Trump needs to listen to the screams of the children and the screams of this nation.”

Wasn’t he trying to do that by reaching out to you, sport?

Kashuv, appearing with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum, leveled Hogg for his actions, admitting he had to control his anger when he saw his classmate acting this way.

“The president calls [Hogg] and it shows he wants to make a change, and you’re talking about bipartisan change and the one man who leads our nation comes to you and says ‘let’s do something, let’s make it happen.’ And you hang up on him?” Kashuv said with exasperation.

“You hang up on him and brag about it on national television? It’s extremely counterproductive,” he added.

By contrast, Kushev has actually engaged in bipartisan talks with people on all sides of the issue.

He’s been rounding up news anchors, celebrities, and other people of influence on social media in an attempt to discuss other solutions for school safety and to urge unity on the matter.

He has secured meetings with people as diverse as Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Marco Rubio, the NRA, and CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Kashuv even managed to get a face-to-face with former First Daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

Still, Kashuv is a big supporter of the Second Amendment but is willing to talk to other people, unlike Hogg.

“I’m a very strong Second Amendment supporter and I will continue to be throughout this entire campaign,” he told Townhall’s Guy Benson. “As of right now, my main goal is to meet with legislators and represent to them that there are big Second Amendment supporters in our community. Through this entire thing, my number one concern has been making sure that the rights of innocent Americans aren’t infringed upon.”

Kashuv is taking a responsible and productive route to discussing school safety, and he’s doing it in a bipartisan manner.

Hogg is simply looking for a media spotlight to say outrageous left-wing, anti-gun statements in an attempt to secure a role on MSNBC for years to come.

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