Liberal ‘Comedienne’ Uses George H.W. Bush’s Health To Wish For Death Of President Trump

Former President George H.W. Bush is in the hospital following the death of his beloved wife of 73 years, and one liberal “comedienne” saw it as the perfect opportunity to wish for the death of President Donald Trump.

Following news of Bush’s hospitalization, like many other people with class and respect, First Lady Melania Trump tweeted her well wishes for the former president.

Well, some blue checkmark named Kristina Wong decided to respond by wishing death upon Melania’s husband.

This couldn’t be more disgusting. It’s reprehensible enough to wish death upon a person with whom you disagree, but it’s a whole new level of sick to specifically wish that a wife and mother becomes a widow.

Twitter was quick to call Wong out on her Trump Derangement Syndrome – and many asked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey if Wong’s reprehensible comment was permissible under Twitter’s content guidelines.

As of this writing, Twitter has taken no action and Wong has not retracted her reprehensible statement. In fact, she’s bragging about it.

“Disgusting” is too polite a word to describe Wong.

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Ann is a conservative political blogger whose work has appeared on Bleacher Report and America Liberty PAC. Nothing angers her more than the Nanny State and taxes. Prior to making the jump to political writing she worked in web marketing and sports writing; now she utilizes the skills gained in those industries to broaden the impact of conservative media and fight back against political correctness and liberal elitism.

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  • This useless waste of space needs to be arrested and tried and then shot. Or at the very least thrown into a dark hole somewhere and forgot about.
    Can we say 'seditionism'


  • Wong's comments are more than disgusting, but on the positive side, they alert us to the mindset of the left. The more they do, the more likely they'll sink their own already leaky boat. With that in mind, I encourage them to continue being hateful!

  • Her Twitter site needs to be shut down. I never liked O but I never wrote anything that stupid.

  • you suspended me for no reason yet you let this (so called )person, continue on ....... screw toy twitter

  • She's just another idiot liberal woman with no morals and no respect for anything; hopefully a big dose of Karma will come her way...

  • Why don't theye just arrest these threatening ARSEHOLES and lock them up, try that in third world countries and you would be gone forever.bY

  • This is a no nothing ignorant person looking for her 15 minutes of fame. Let’s not give it to her. Nothing to see here, moving on.

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