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Kristin Tate Talks Millennial Trump Support and 2018 Midterms

What is it about President Trump that brings out millennial support?

By no means is the President more popular with young Americans than his Democrat counterparts who spin wild fantasies of free college, free cell phones, free healthcare, and all around good feelings. Bernie Sanders and his socialist peers have the ear of the young because they have a childish vision of how the world works: with gumdrops and unicorns and effective socialism.

But, unlike many of his stale Republican predecessors (*cough* *cough* Mitt Romney *cough* *cough*), Trump commands far more approval from young adults. And for good reason: the younger you are, the more you appreciate an original. And Trump is a bonafide original, in every sense of the word.

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From humiliating his enemies with catchy nicknames to waging a no-prisoners war with the media to clowning on Democrats daily, Trump is the first of his kind in the Oval Office. Rebellious millennials pay attention. And many like what they see.

That’s why The Political Insider hosted an exclusive interview with millennial conservative commentator Kristin Tate. We got her perspective on why young Americans are drawn to Trump, unlike past Republican Presidents. And we talked about what to expect in the upcoming elections, and where the increasingly unhinged Democrat Party is headed.

Watch the whole thing here:

Kristin and I also discuss her new book “How Do I Tax Thee: A Field Guide to the Great American Rip-Off.” In the book, Tate explores the myriad of ways government, from your local municipality to the federal behemoth in Washington, tax you dry until there’s nothing left. During our interview, Tate gives some tips on how to change your spending habits and what kind of hidden taxes to look out for. But you’ll want to check out her book to learn more!

Make sure you watch the whole interview!