Last May, famous internet personality Kim DotCom broke the news that Seth Rich, the mysteriously murdered DNC staffer, was the source for Wikileaks’ Hillary campaign email dump. This revelation contradicted the media’s claim that Russia was behind the email leakage.

The assertion was never proven. But that hasn’t stopped Mr. DotCom from stirring the rumor pots some more, and hinting that big news is coming to the Trump-Russia investigation.

Recently, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher visited Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, in London where he’s in political exile within the Ecuadorian Embassy. Assange told the congressman that Russia was not the source of the damning Hillary campaign emails from last year. Now Rohrabacher is going to relay the information he learned to President Trump.

Kim DotCom weighed in on the matter. What he said has everyone talking: Is Mueller about to be fired?

This could mean any number of things. Assange could have evidence that Mueller is corrupt, which isn’t out of the question given that his team is stacked with Hillary-aligned lawyers. It could be something that tarnishes Mueller’s character. It could be something that totally exonerates President Trump, ending the witch hunt for good.

Only time will tell.

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