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Kimberly Guilfoyle of Fox News Confirms Priebus Is Leaker to President Trump

President Trump is starting to stamp down on leakers hard in the White House. His hiring of Anthony Scaramucci as Communications Director is part of this new effort to control leaks from the Oval Office.

Scaramucci has wasted no time turning over every stone trying to out the leaker. He has identified White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus as a major source for the anti-Trump press.

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera has confirmed that Priebus is not to be trusted. But now another Fox host informed the president himself of Priebus’s nefarious intentions: Kimberly Guilfoyle.

The Five co-host was invited, along with her colleague Sean Hannity and former Fox News Executive Bill Shine, to the White House Wednesday night to dine with the president. And a report from The New York Times alleges that Guilfoyle told Trump that his Chief of Staff was ‘a problem’ and ‘a leaker’ during that dinner. According to an anonymous source who was briefed on their conversation, Guilfoyle also told the president that Priebus was “someone who was not serving his agenda.”

When you have this many people calling you out, usually there’s a reason for it. Priebus is in huge trouble. He either has to prove that Guilfoyle has the wrong man, or he needs to resign.

The Trump presidency is far too important to be subverted by traitors in the ranks. A great purging of leakers must take place. Thankfully, that’s already in the works.

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H/T Mediaite