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Kids Wave At Grandma Every Morning – THEN, She Wasn’t There…

school bus

93-year-old Louise Edlen has been waving to this school bus full of children for more than 5 years. She would wave from her dining room every morning.

She didn’t know their names, but she waited for their smiles and wanted for them to wave back. The students considered her “part of their family.”

It became a happy tradition in Arlington for school bus Number 7. But then, one day they didn’t see grandma in the window:

The bus driver, Carol Mitzelfeld, discovered that Louise had a stroke, and she passed the tragic news onto her students who were seriously worried about their window-waving friend.

One 7th grader, Axtin Bandewerfhorst, told KING 5 News, “Carol was telling us that a lot of times she doesn’t remember her daughter’s name, but she always remembers to wave to the kids on the bus. That made me feel really special.”

Along with the help of Carol, the students decided to surprise Louise in the hospital with flowers.

She was touched by the show of love and support. And while she was too sick to be waving in the window, she hung this sign:

school bus

What a beautiful story! Watch the full report (below).

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