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Kid Rock Inches Toward Senate Run With More Cryptic Tweets

(Warning: Explicit language ahead!)

Kid Rock has confirmed his intentions to run for the United States Senate, and he made his message clear: He’s ready to fight!

As the singer tweeted:

And future “Senator Rock” is an unapologetic conservative:

Multiple polls shows show that Rock would be able to beat Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and all potential Republican rivals:

To gauge [Kid Rock]’s chances in a hypothetical general election matchup, Delphi Analytica conducted a poll from July 14-18 of 668 Michigan residents. Of respondents who stated a preference between Debbie Stabenow and Robert Ritchie, 54% stated they would vote for Ritchie while 46% said they would vote for Debbie Stabenow. These results could indicate that Ritchie is a popular figure in Michigan, Debbie Stabenow is unpopular, or some combination of concurrent trends. The relatively large, 44%, number of undecided respondents may be due to the early stages of the campaign.

Not long ago, a Kid Rock candidacy would be dismissed. But in the world of President Trump, we now know anything is possible. Kid Rock posted this on Twitter on Sunday (LANGUAGE WARNING):

There is no explanation for what the picture means. But there is a U.S. Senate candidate on a private plane with women wearing limited clothing. Kid Rock is ready to break the mold of a traditional Senate candidate in the Wolverine State.

As Kid Rock once announced, “Who holds it down like Bad Leroy Brown? Now I won’t stop cause yo I’m Kid Rock, the Genuine Article.”

What do you think about Kid Rock running or the U.S. Senate? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.