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Kid Rock Just Posted THIS On Facebook – Obama HATES THIS!

Kid Rock

While most musicians and entertainers are liberal Obama-voters, Kid Rock has never been afraid to speak up for American values. He’s a conservative who is proud to fly the American flag and salute our troops!

Look (below) at what Kid Rock just posted about his love of the United States military. He’s back working with Operation Troop Aid, and raising thousands of dollars for servicemen and women. He also sent 500 care packages before Christmas, too!

While President Barack Obama can’t stand the military, Kid Rock is doing everything possible to show his support for the troops who risk their lives for our safety. This is epic!

Kid Rock

Kid Rock

Kid Rock


Thank you, Kid Rock, for supporting the military and standing up for America! You are a role model to millions and a true patriot. The best part is, this isn’t the first time Kid Rock has upset the radical left!

H/T: Kid Rock

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