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Kevin Spacey and Charlie Rose Dismiss Sexual Assault Allegations Against Bill Clinton

Now that everyone and their mother has been accused of sexual misconduct in one way or another throughout the entertainment industry and political world, it is amusing to see Hollywood hypocrisy on full display.

After all, with the exception of the accusations against Roy Moore, it’s been entirely Democrat politicians facing sexual assault allegations, and actors who push left-wing causes. One of the most recent to be outed as a harasser was PBS’s Charlie Rose, with eight accusers coming forward. His show “Charlie Rose” was abruptly canceled after running continuously from 1991.

Back in 2015, Rose had on actor Kevin Spacey as a guest, who himself has been among those outed as sexual predators.

What did the two now-disgraced figures discuss? Of all things, the accusations of abuse and misconduct against former President Bill Clinton! And of course, the two of them dismiss the accusations in a discussion that Rose leads with describing the “bromance” between Spacey and Bill.

“I was always there. … I was a true friend.  I never doubted him.  I never stopped believing him,” Spacey said of Bill.

Truly the trifecta, eh? Watch below:

Well, that’s ironic – especially given that a new wave of accusations have been mounted against the former President, that some on the Left are finally beginning to believe nearly two decades after they should’ve been.

Better late than never, I guess?

This conversation takes on a new meaning in light of today’s headlines. A decade ago, you couldn’t reference Clinton’s misdeed without being labeled a crank and a loser. Yet so many people who excused Clinton were wallowing in pits of their filthy behavior.

Oh, how the tide has turned. Every day we hear about new claims of sexual harassment by people in the media and political world.

The hits keep coming, and there’s no telling when it will stop.

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