Kevin McCarthy, GOP Worked to Oust MAGA Republican Madison Cawthorn, America First Candidates

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy reportedly worked to sink the re-election campaign of Madison Cawthorn while trying to weed out “controversial Republicans” who might cause disruptions to his agenda.

The Washington Post reports that McCarthy “worked this spring to deny Cawthorn a second term in office,” saying he had “lost my trust.”

They note that Cawthorn, endorsed by former President Donald Trump, had at the time accused members of Congress of using drugs and inviting him to an “orgy.”

“Top allies of Kevin McCarthy, the House Republican leader, worked this spring to deny Cawthorn a second term in office,” they write.

Cawthorn was defeated in his GOP primary back in May after multiple scandals surfaced and a Democrat political action committee known as the American Muckrakers PAC began targeting him by releasing salacious videos.

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Kevin McCarthy Worked to Defeat Madison Cawthorn, Other MAGA Candidates

Kevin McCarthy’s well-planned targeting didn’t simply focus on Madison Cawthorn. The House Republican leader also sought to keep other MAGA candidates out of Congress.

“Targeting Cawthorn was part of a larger behind-the-scenes effort by top GOP donors and senior strategists to purge the influence of Republican factions that seek disruption and grandstanding, often at the expense of their GOP colleagues,” they write.

The report indicates McCarthy and his political machine were working to “systematically weed out GOP candidates” they felt might give him “trouble” as House Speaker if Republicans regain control after the midterms.

It was also an effort to eliminate conservative candidates in districts where more moderate candidates were perceived to have a better chance of winning.

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McCarthy Has Gone After Trump Allies Before

Audio surfaced earlier this year in which Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) criticized former President Trump and some of his staunchest allies in Congress.

“Well, he’s putting people in jeopardy, and he doesn’t need to be doing this,” McCarthy said of Rep. Matt Gaetz and the Florida congressman’s comments about the 2020 election. “We saw what people would do in the Capitol, you know?”

McCarthy also claimed that America First Reps. referring to mainstream Republicans who refused to question the election results as “anti-Trump” was “serious stuff” that “has to stop.”

“Can’t they take their Twitter accounts away, too?” he remarked.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed out that McCarthy’s comments were nearly indiscernible from any Democrat or left-wing media hack.

“Quote, ‘Can’t they take their Twitter accounts away too?’ Those are the tape-recorded words of Congressman Kevin McCarthy, a man who in private, turns out, sounds like an MSNBC contributor,” Carlson said.

Carlson went on to warn that McCarthy as Speaker would mean the Democrats would have an ally in the House leader.

“That would mean you would have a Republican Congress led by a puppet of the Democratic Party,” he said.

Not long afterward, more audiotapes surfaced and showed McCarthy discussing removing Trump from office and blaming him for the Capitol riot.

“Look, what the president did is atrocious and totally wrong,” he said in a recording dated January 8th.

McCarthy is also heard on the audiotapes discussing the 25th Amendment, but noting it would take “too long” to implement.

The 25th Amendment is a constitutional provision allowing for the removal of the President should he be deemed medically, or as some were suggesting at the time, mentally, unfit.

Allies of McCarthy tell the Washington Post his efforts to defeat Cawthorn have less to do with his political leanings and more about wanting lawmakers willing to go along to get along.

They cite his support for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), a MAGA Republican who he has suggested will have her committee assignments restored in a GOP majority, as evidence.

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Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • McCarthy need to go! We do not need a RINO REPUBLICAN AS HOUSE SPEAKER! If these other Republicans going to stand with him. We will removed them as well. BIDEN has violation the CONSTITUTION LAWS SINCE HE BEEN A SENATE! PELOSI DESERVES THE DEATH PENALTY FOR HER ROLE IN MISLEADING THE PEOPLE! I can name everyone of these politicians who deserve removing on both side! What we the people need is a WHOLE NEW CONGRESS!

  • So McCarthy wants republicans who get along to get along meaning he is nothing but a old fashioned negotiating with democrats to give democrats what they want. We have been needing to get rid of, a democrat pretending to be a republican. We need fighters who say no to the democrats and rinos not fake republicans and rinos who get along to get along putting money and power ahead of this country. So McCarthy is an anti Tumper, well McCarthy is pretty good sneaking around to get rid of whom he wants. He needs to go to the democrats since McCarthy is that good at hiding his anti-Trumpism and his anti-true republicanism.

  • Time for 3rd party. One that honors the constitution and the Bible and is citizen driven. Our party has been hijacked by traitors.

  • RINO McCarthy can NOT be Speaker when R's take the House!!! And Mitch the Squish can NOT be Senate President either.

  • tucker carlson is a pro lgbt libertarian, not a conservative .. I never listen to anything from tucker carlson

    • Not so.... Have you thought for a moment about Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Steve Scalise. They have guts and will stand their ground.

  • McCarthy needs to think about some of the stunts he has pulled to keep the RINOs in place. He will not be speaker; he needs to be voted out of office after what he did to Madison Cawthorn for telling the truth. Word from the prophets is that Madison is one of God's chosen people.

    • Madison Cawthorn is too young and inexperienced to take on the job as speaker. I don't see him returning to Congress.

  • McCarthy has no moral compass and lacks conviction to fight for Christian conservative values. Career politicians such as he is are bought and sold very easily. Not the leader the GOP needs in such desperate times as these.

    • Simple answer .... McCarthy was playing Trump and got caught on audio denigrating Trump. I think Trump will become Speaker (since one does not have to be elected to become Speaker), then impeach Biden and Harris, as 3rd in line to the Presidency, he will walk right in to finish Biden's two years, and get another 4 when he runs in 2024. He would be the only President in History to be President for 12 yrs.

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