This is a golden opportunity to bring some moral sanity back to the United States. We cannot let it go unmet.

With Justice Anthony Kennedy retiring from the Supreme Court, we now have a chance to replace the Court’s swing vote with someone who is vehemently and unapologetically pro-life. (RELATED: Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Retiring.)

Though he was appointed to the high court by President Reagan, Kennedy has long held the socially liberal view of Democrats. He has provided the key votes on numerous consequential rulings that have foisted social liberalism on the country, including, most importantly, abortion. His opinion in the Planned Parenthood v. Casey case not only cemented abortion as an unqualified right in the U.S., but also provided the legal rationale for allowing it.

Liberals know this. That’s why they’re freaking out over the prospect of Kennedy being replaced by someone less squishy on social issues. Take a look at Jennifer Rubin’s warning in The Washington Post about abortion and moderate Republican senators. Rubin was once a conservative blogger, but Trump Derangement Syndrome has turned her brain to mush. She is now a mouthpiece for leftist causes.

You’re damn right this is a choice to criminalize a vile and immoral act: the stealing of potential life from the most vulnerable of people, the unborn. We shouldn’t shy away from this fact and embrace it completely, refusing to acquiesce to calls for moderation.

The media and the Democratic establishment are about to launch a full bore to campaign to convince President Trump to replace Kennedy with a justice who will uphold abortion. We cannot let him do it. During the campaign, when asked if he would appoint justices to overrule Roe v. Wade, here is what Trump said:

Trump must uphold this pledge. He must replace Kennedy with a real pro-life justice who doesn’t find hidden in the Constitution a non-existent clause that provides the right to terminate the unborn.

Already, the left is ringing the alarm bells, with Jeffrey Toobin warning that Roe v. Wade is “doomed.” Take a look at the following video to fully witness the fear and conviction he has that abortion may soon be an unpleasant memory in America.

Wishing to overturn Roe v. Wade isn’t a controversial opinion. It’s a profoundly moral one. Liberals are always willing to go to the mat when it comes to their pet causes. They’ll riot, they’ll protest, they’ll shut down highways.

We aren’t fighting for piecemeal bits of the welfare state. We aren’t fighting for nebulous concerns about wealth inequality. We aren’t fighting for free birth control, free college tuition, a minimum wage, or public radio funding.

This is about the most precious of all worldly things: human life.

Liberals aren’t afraid to say what they want. We shouldn’t be either. The Supreme Court should overturn Roe v. Wade as soon as Anthony Kennedy is replaced with a stalwart advocate of life. It won’t cause an immediate abolition of abortion. States could pass their own abortion allowances. But it will go a long way in redeeming the country of decades of legally sanctioned slaughter.

Keep your promise, Mr. President. Become the hero of the unborn.

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