Kellyanne Conway snarked at Nancy Pelosi for being “really pro-woman” after the House Speaker said she only talks to the President, not his staff.

The two exchanged words after a tense moment in which President Trump walked into a meeting on infrastructure, blasted Democrats for conducting “phony investigations,” and promptly walked out.

Trump took issue with Pelosi’s claims that he had “engaged in a cover-up.”

After he bolted from the room, Pelosi reportedly told those in attendance that previous Presidents, unlike Trump, were willing to work with the opposition on infrastructure over the years. One source stated that Pelosi said she wasn’t surprised that Trump walked away.

Conway and Pelosi Clash

Recognizing that the Speaker was talking smack about her boss, Conway piped up and asked if she had “a direct response to the president.”

That’s when Pelosi dismissed her as being a lowly member of Trump’s staff.

“I don’t talk to staff. I talk directly to the president,” the Democrat said according to an official in the room.

Conway snapped back saying, “Really great. That’s really pro-woman of you.”

They’ve Battled Before

Conway, an adviser to the White House, essentially noted that Pelosi was a coward during a phone call on election night, claiming the House Speaker didn’t mention any plans to investigate the President.

Clearly, as investigations continue to roll on, it was obvious she was hiding things.

“The president had many phone calls,” Conway said. “And he, including with Nancy Pelosi who somehow on the phone didn’t mention investigations and subpoenas — didn’t mention that in her comments last night.”

Mrs. Conway also mocked Democrats and the media over their Russia collusion obsession, when White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders happened to walk by her and Conway joked, “We’re colluding.”

Kellyanne joked when Pelosi took over the role of Speaker in January as well.

“Nothing really screams youth and energy like a 78-year-old speaker and Joe Biden running for president,” she said.