An anti-Trump tough guy decided to start heckling Trump adviser and former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, and quickly regretted it.

Kellyanne got so heated, Secret Service had to intervene and hold her back!

The Trump critic crossed paths with Conway at Washington Reagan Airport and began shouting “Keep trashing America.”

Conway mocked the man for ‘talking s***’ after she had walked away from him. As the situation grew more tense, Secret Service jumped in and “put their arms up and blocked her (Conway).”

Lucky for that guy. I get the distinct impression Conway could have taken care of business.

Via TheBlaze:

According to Washington photographer Mark Wilkins, Conway arrived at Washington Reagan Airport Monday evening and was greeted by a heckler who repeatedly shouted “Keep trashing America” at the president’s counselor.

Wilkins told the website that Conway had her fill of the heckler. The report alleged that Conway fired back, “I like the way you talk s**t when I’m walking away.”

The photographer claimed that Secret Service had to intervene, and put their arms up to block her.

The photographer on scene said “The guy was just an ass.”

Which of course is a prerequisite for being a Trump-hating liberal these days.

“I don’t know what you think of her, but Kellyanne is a rockstar,” Wilkins added.

Don’t doubt for a second that Conway couldn’t have handled herself in this situation. Reports surfaced at the inaugural that she had punched a man in the face at least three times after President Trump was sworn in. Conway allegedly stepped in between two men who were fighting and when one of them refused to stop, introduced him to a right hook.

Sadly, we don’t have video of either incident yet.

Do you think Kellyanne Conway was right to challenge the obnoxious heckler? Tell us what you think below.

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