Keith Ellison’s Accuser Gives First TV Interview

DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison is under fire as allegations of physical and psychological abuse against a former girlfriend were made public this month.

The allegations came from Austin Monahan, whose mother Karen Monahan was an alleged victim of Ellison’s abuse. Austin posted online that his mother had “come out of pure hell after getting out of her relationship” with Ellison. Austin said he discovered the abuse when discovering archived text messages and images accidentally while using his mother’s computer.

Karen says the allegations her son made public are true.

In a personal statement, she detailed the specific allegations of abuse, which included both verbal and physical abuse:

Ellison has denied the allegations, and the DNC only offered a generic reply to the allegations, that they’re reviewing them because “All allegations of domestic abuse are disturbing and should be taken seriously.” Despite the allegations, Ellison still won his primary on Tuesday in the running to become Minnesota’s nominee for attorney general.

Yesterday, Ellison’s accuser Monahan sat down for her first television interview with CBS News. Monahan described the incident in which she was dragged off a bed by Ellison. She says that she’s not releasing the tape of it because the incident it “too traumatic,” and says that her word should be enough. For the most part, the interview contained most of the same information we learned from her prior statements and her son’s allegations.

But there were some new revelations. Monahan claimed that Ellison met with her at a cafe prior to launching his campaign for Minnesota Attorney General, and expressed concern due to her tweets about the “#MeToo” movement. “The conversation went straight to ‘Hey, you know, I noticed that you’ve been tweeting a lot, you know, about abuse and the #MeToo…,'” Monahan said.”He goes, ‘I don’t want to have to look over my shoulder all the time wondering when you’re going to tweet something and, you know, say it’s me.'”

Monahan says she replied, “I never ruined your career. I didn’t choose to do the things you did.”

Watch below:

Like many on the Left, Ellison has championed himself as a warrior for women’s rights. Back in April, Ellison said that “women are dying” because Democrats like him are losing elections. Even more ironic, Ellison has previously praised Al Franken for a speech he gave in defense of the Violence Against Women Act.

Unlike Franken, there haven’t yet been any major calls for Ellison to resign. It’s hard to believe the liberal narrative that there’s a “Republican war on women,” when the only soldiers in that war have been Democrats.


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  • Oh no no no no no no no no no. Ellison must be assumed to be innocent until proven otherwise. Monahan is not credible- who thinks to turn on a video option in the middle of a violent attack? Who refuses to show the video because it makes the videographer uncomfortable? It doesn't make sense.

  • Is this how a good Muslim woman acts?
    Isn't she supposed to suck it up?
    I can't find any bio info that makes Islam an issue, isn't that interesting?
    I guess we can assume because they are from the Caliphate of Minnesota. It is a haven for Islamists and conspiracy wackos.
    Al Franken? Didn't he have his own touching moments?
    If this had been any Republican it would be on the fake news channels as the drama of the week for months and they would probably not use the word alleged.

  • What was she ever thinking in the first place, becoming involved with a worthless diaper-head muslim. I hope for her sake she's learned her lesson and will run away from them. None of them can be trusted with anything.

  • What was she ever thinking in the first place, becoming involved with a worthless diaper-head muslim. I hope for her sake she's learned her lesson and will run away from them. None of them can be trusted with anything.

  • Virtually zero coverage of Ellison's woman beating , and they have the nerve to say they're not "THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE" LOL.

    Muslim culture demands that woman be beaten tortured and genitally mutilated it's a 100% fact . The democrats have made it very clear that they support Sharia Law INSIDE the United States and they say the reason is because it's Muslim culture and wherever they immigrate to should allow it .

    And the left have the nerve to say they support woman ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha , there's no such thing as a liberal feminist , REAL feminists do not support genitally mutilating pre teen girls and beating & torturing woman .

    Of course Trump does not support that but democrats do , what an atrocity this hard left wing anti God anti Christianity & pro communist group has become .

    No wonder millions and millions of REAL democrats have crossed lines and are huge Trump supporters.

  • Still want to know why there is a video. Now it maybe makes more sense, if they were living together and her son perhaps heard a disturbance and possibly taped it. Otherwise, it was suspect to me. However, if she is unwilling to release the tapes, she is really damaging her case. If they are there, let them be heard and let the idiot be found out. Do us all a favor, Karen.

  • As far as I have seen thru the years,any non Muslim woman "bedding a Muslim" will experience hell one way or the other

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