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The Likely New Leader Of The Democrats Thinks 9/11 Was a “False Flag” Designed To Oppress Muslims

keith ellison racist

This weekend we reported on Keith Ellison – the man most likely to lead the Democratic Party- and his radical Anti-American and Anti-Israel views. This is in-line with what a lot of Democrats believe: Of course America is the enemy, that’s why all those American racists voted for Trump (even after they voted for Obama twice).

What’s at issue is not Ellison’s religious beliefs or his race, though that is what the Left try to pin on the opposition. The problem lies in his ties to radical organizations and his radical beliefs in socialism and Nation of Islam, a group that believes white people were created in a cave by an evil, mad scientist who wanted to create a race of devils. These aren’t views held by many Americans, and I doubt many Dems either. Some people are too radical to be in places of power. If the Democrats want to win back the working class of America they should probably abandon this type of thinking.

In the video below, Ellison compares the attacks on September 11th to the “Reichstag fire“, an event in Nazi Germany where the Nazis burned down the government building, blaming it on Communists, and using it to gain more power. But this time, he doesn’t blame the Nazis but instead….

Pretty disgusting. But it wouldn’t shock me if this man is selected to run the Democrats. His beliefs are pretty mainstream and accepted on the left.

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